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Andre Yang claims new WR at 8461 MHz with AMD FX


The world record AMD claimed together with a group of known overclocking profiles did not last for long, but has already been broken - with liquid nitrogen. Even through AMD has access to liquid helium, Andre Yang managed to surpass the old record and reach 8461 MHz.

AMD made it official on 19th September that it had broken the world record in overclocking where it surpassed Intel's old Cedar Mill processor. The processor that was used was the latest FX-8150 where it claimed 8429 MHz, that will also end up in the next edition of Guiness Book of World Records.

AMD's own world record was set with the exotic medium liquid helium did not stand for long. Overclocker Andre Yang, has used liquid nitrogen to cool his processor and managed to knock down AMD from the top, with an impressive frequency of 8461 MHz.


While Bulldozer and the FX series failed to impress the consumers with its eight coresbuild on the latest manufacturing technology, it became immensely popular among overclockers. If you have access to liquid nitrogen 8 GHz is within reach, and apparently also the chance of becomeing record holder. We eagerly await the next record, perhaps 8.5 GHz and up?

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