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Corsair pushes DDR3 module to new world record - 3467 MHz

ln2corsair2Memory maker Corsair has set a new clock frequency record for DDR3 memory when overclockers Jake "Planet" Crimmins pushed a single Dominator GT CMGTX6 module to staggering 3467 MHz cooled by liquid nitrogen.

Corsair have been running its own overclocking projects and we're confident that "Planet" has a nice selection of modules to choose from. But reaching a clock frequency that is twice as high as current DDR3 platforms supports at stock (DDR3-1600). To reach the new world record frequency, which was previously 3443 MHz, he had to switch platform from Intel Sandy Bridge to AMD Bulldozer.


By switching CPU - and thus memory controller - and cooling the memory module with liquid nitrogen he managed to reach a final clock at 3467.8 MHz and even if we only have a screenshot from CPU-Z and he only used one 1GB module it is an impressive frequency.

ln2corsair3The memory module operated with timigs 11-13-13-31 during the test and the motherboard was ASUS Crosshair V Formula with an AMD FX-8150 processor in the socket. More information on the record in Corsair's blog.

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