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ME4ME sets 3DMark Vantage world record with GeForce GTX 580

card_tube1The world's fastest graphics card was made even faster during the weekend and the man who did it was well known overclocker and NHOC team member Henry "ME4ME" de Kruijf. Using liquid nitrogen and a quick Zotac GeForce GTX 580 card Henry broke the world record in 3DMark Vantage by scoring 40,268 points.

Henry reached some very impressive results with his Zotac card under air cooling and even if most would be very careful with just installing a $450 graphics card it didn't take long before Henry whipped out the soldering iron.

The card is regular retail that was volt-modded to increase to some truly unhealthy levels, but it required some additional modifications to make it stable at very low temperatures, which is quite common with liquid nitrogen.


According to Henry the card didn't scale that well with neither extreme temperatures nor high voltages, but with some stubbornness, hard work and even extremer voltages (1.4V+ GPU and 1.85V memory) he managed to break the single GPU world record in 3DMark Vantage Performance. The clock frequencies had been pushed to 1,250 MHz GPU and 5,052 MHz memory, far above the stock frequencies of 782/4000 MHz. The final score was P40286 and is about 100 points higher than the previous record by Asian overclocker NickShih.

System specifications:

  • Intel Core i7 980X @ 5.75 GHz (LN2)
  • ASUS Rampage III Extreme
  • Zotac GeForce GTX 580 @ 1250/5052 MHz (LN2 with 1.4V GPU voltage)
  • Corsair Dominatior GT 1866C6 DDR3
  • Enermax Revolutions85+ 1050 watt

ME4ME brings home another trophy and ascertain himself as one of the leading overclockers.



More information on the new world record and Henry's GTX 580 overclocking can be found in the Swedish forum.

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