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Undervolting a laptop

Laptops often have two Achilles heels, the heat and limited battery time. There are, if not cures, at least remedies to make them less obvious. Read on how in our latest article.

A life full of computers has given me the chance to test almost everything. I have made chassi-mods and overclocked my computers. Now that I have obtained my fourth computer, a laptop, there’s not that much you can mod. As most people know, when it comes to the hardware of a laptop, there’s not much you can change. Well, you can change it, but it’s not that easy!

But a couple of months ago, I found some interesting facts about a whole new subject, undervolting. The expression undervolting is not really correct because it’s the tension were lowering and it’s measured in volts, but we will use this expression in this article.
Because CPUs are mass-produced, the voltage is set to a stable level that will suit all samples of that particular CPU. Everything from CPUs with “Friday Afternoon Syndrome” to real overclockers. There are lots of CPUs on the market that can be run at a lower voltage than what they are specified to. Especially the kind of low power consuming CPUs found in laptops. You'll be surprised when you see the results of undervolting your CPU.

In this article we will look further on how you can undervolt the CPU of a modern laptop without losing performance or stability.

Our test-system is an Acer Aspire 5021WLMi which appear to be a good computer to undervolt.

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