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Icemat vs Everglide

More and more mouse pads are appearing. The more you play the higher requirements you have for the quality of the mouse pad and the mouse. We have tested two of the best mouse pads and compared the two. These are Everglide's hard plastic pad and Icemat's glass pad. Which is the better and how they work with different mice? The test mice are Logitech's Mouseman Wheel and Logitech's Mousman Wheel Optical. First up is Everglide.

Icemat is made from glass and makes Icemat look a lot cooler than Everglide. The frosted surface simply looks cool. At a first glance Icemat looks a lot more appealing than Everglide, but as we're talking about a mouse pad the function is a bit more important than the looks. If you place the mouse in the middle of Icemat the wrist ends up on the edge of the mouse pad, separating it from Everglide which has a small cut.out from the wrist. Icemat work well with both mice, despite that it was with certain skepticism I placed the optical mouse on the pad. You may experience a softer movement, but at the same time the mouse doesn't "flows" as easy as with Everglide even if the difference isn't that big. If Everglide is long-lasting. Icemat will last longer at regular use, but if you drop something on the pad, or drop the pad on the floor, Everglide is the pad that will be with you the longest. (Although the most durable then is the regular old mouse pad ;-)). When you accelerate the mouse a hissing noise appears, not that loud, but enough to notice. That didn't happen with the Everglide.

+ Design
+ Doesn't ear
+ Precision

- Sensitive to hits and knocks
- Ergonomics
- Price

Grade 8,5 of 10

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