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Cheaper and lighter batteries soon standardized


Intel is trying to get manufacturers to agree on a new battery standard to lower costs for ultrabooks. The majority of computer makers has agreed on prismatic lithium ion batteries, with properties like lower price and weight.

Last it was with the introcution of Centrino that Intel tried to sway manufacturers like it is doing today with its ultrabook concept. Besides dictating what an ultrabook is, Intel constantly comes with new component suggestions to drive down costs and acting as a third party to make manufacturers agree on new standards. Intel had put forth two new battery standards in hope of making manufacturers agree on one, to drive down costs through higher manufacturing capacities.

Prismatic lithium-ion batteries the next standard in notebooks?

Prismatic lithium ion batteries was the winning concept DigiTimes reports. The advantages are 25 to 30 percent cheaper and 5 percent lighter, than traditional lithium ion batteries with the same capacity. The ball is with the battery makers now to start mass production. Panasonic, Samsung SDI and LG have already started selling prismatic lithium ion batteries measuring 60 to 80 millimeter, with a thickness between 5 to 8 millimeter depending on the model.

Acer and Asus are two of the big names that have decided to use new batteries in coming ultrabooks, but we know that Lenovo will do the same. To being with the new battery type will only be used in notebooks, but will come in a detachable form when it becomes an accepted industry standard. This should happen sometime next year.

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