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Wireless smartphone charging with your ultrabook in 2013

ultrabook_laddningIntel has no plans of slowing down the development of its ultrabook platform and high on the list of priorities we find technology for wireless charging. Intel's technology will be able to charge smartphones by simply putting it next to your ultrabook, and come next year.

Nex year Intel expects the sales of ultrabooks to start for real. Even if the bar is set up high for 2012 the sales have been somewhat slow. With Windows 8 on the market and its new processor architecture Haswell, Intel has a positive outlook on the first half of 2013 since we expect to see a bigger focus on so called hybrids with detachable keyboards and more computers with touch screens.

In the second half of 2013 the new technology is expected to bear fruit. It is a Intel technology for wireless charging of smartphones. Intel plans to install a transmitter and software in our ultrathin computers that in turn can communicate and without direct contact charge a nearby smartphone. This is a technology Intel discussed back at CES 2012 in January where it also showed how the concept could work in future computers. Intel has since then been developing dedicated software for controling monitoring and optimizing the wireless charging.

Presentation of Intel's wireless charging technology at 2:39

According to DigiTimes Intel will test the wireless charging technology on a small scale first. In the second half we will only see a few Haswell-based ultrabooks with the new technology.

While Intel is working on its own solution several other companies have equivalent technologies in development. Including Samsung that has a wireless charge station for the flagship Galaxy S III coming. It has been indeterminably delayed after not living up to company expectations. Wireless charging is most likely the future and Intel's plan seems to be to pair the technology with its ultrabooks venture.

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