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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 will bring 3D support

flash3dAdobe flash Player 10.2 will appear later in 2010 and the big news will be the support for Stereoscopic 3D. This will result in streaming 3D material from YouTube and other online services.

Adobe boasts the new version Flash Player and during a event earlier this week we got a short preview of the new Flash 3D format.

The presentation showed streaming 3D video from video service YouTube, and made it quite clear that technology works, at least with NVIDIA 3D Vision that was used during the presentation.

We couldn't see any noticeable problems with the playback and the 3D effect was clear.

NVIDIA couldn't say when Adobe would launch Flash Player 10.2, but sometime in 2010 we can expect an updated version of the player. What we do know is that Adobe will talk more about its 3D API for Flash during Max 2010 on October 27th.

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