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Google Chrome 6 gets built-in PDF support

chromesGoogle is moving forward rapidly with the Chrome browser and has now announced a developer version of Chrome 6 that brings integrated support for the PDF file format. The new PDF support will render PDF files like regular HTML pages and improve usability.

Adobe's PDF format is well spread, but have also been the culprit of many browser crashes when the browser tries to load the document directly in the browser. Google has previously displayed integration of Apple Flash, and has now turned to the PDF format and says that the new file management is both safer, faster and void of manual updates.

The first developer version of the PDF support does not include all the features of e.g. Adobe Reader, but those who need access to those functions can load the PDF files in Adobe's own application.

Google's work with its new extension API looks all the more promising and the question is what's up next?

Download Google Chrome 6.0.437.3 and read on about the PDF support at the Chromium blog.

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