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Google Chrome 9 arrives with WebGL, better performance

chrome9Google has managed to gain some speed on the browser market and now that it has released the sharp version of Chrome 9 the popular browser has taken another step in the right direction. Among the news in Chrome 9 we find performance optimizations and WebGL support, which enables hardware accelerated 3D graphics in your browser.

Google has been working on Chrome 9 for some time now and for us the support for WebGL and Chrome Instant are perhaps the most important bits of news. 

The WebGL support means that Chrome 9 means that there is no need for any additional software to enojy accelerated 3D graphics in your browser. Examples of how WebGL can be used can be found at the Chrome website.

Chrome Instant is just like Google Instant, a function that in realtime gives you search suggestions when typing in addresses or regular searches in the address bar. The same function found with Google's search engine.

Besides additional optimizations and performance improvements Google has released the Chrome Web Store. This is currently only available to users in the USA, but Google says it will open up the app store to other countries in the near future. 

More information and download links for Chrome 9 can be found at Google's website.


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