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Google's tablet delayed until July due to cost reasons

Many have been waiting for Google's upcoming tablet that is going to be developed in collaboration with ASUS, but  information of a delay has now appeared. This due to problems with lowering costs and the launch should now be postponed until July.

There is no shortage of rumors and expectations on Google's first tablet under their own brand, but rumors of a delay has now appeared. Towards the end of last year the company's board chairman Eric Schmidt made a statement on that they had a tablet on the way in the 6 coming monhts.

The launch that should have taken place this month is thus delayed. This is supposed to be because of problems with lowering the tablets costs to the correct level, at the same time as the design and quality should live up to a certain standard. It should still be ASUS that is behind the development of the tablets in collaboration with Google, and according to earlier information it should recieve a 7-inch screen.

Is the first "Kai"-tablet with Tegra 3 coming from Google and ASUS?

Although the tablets should have recieved the right price and ASUS should according to information be shipping devices to Google in June. If this is correct it will only cost $199 in stores. Could this be the first tablet based on Kai?

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