<SPAN class=textstandard><STRONG><U>Sony Ericsson K800 and K790</U></STRONG> is the mobile phone manufacturer's latest creation and as usual the digital camera features is a high priority. The two new models presented are namely equipped with a new digital camera sensor at 3.2Mpixel.&nbsp;Up to par with many regular digital cameras. This have made K800 och K790 the two first mobile phones from Sony Ericsson that is branded with its Cyber-Shot branding that you can find with Sony's digital cameras.</SPAN><SPAN class=textstandard>
<P><EM>"Both are highly capable mobile phones with integrated 3.2 Megapixel digital cameras with Autofocus, Xenon flash and BestPic™ - Sony Ericsson’s unique imaging technology that allows you to capture exactly the moment you desire."</EM></P>
<P>BestPic works so that the phone takes picture&nbsp;four pictures before and four picture after the one you were aiming for. That way you can then chose the one out of the 9 3.2Mpixel pictures you like best.</P>
<P>Sony Ericsson K800 is the phone countires with 3G support will see while K790 is the quivalent with Edge instead.</P>
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<P>Complete specifications for the two can be found below;</P>
<P><EM><FONT size=1><B>K800 and K790 – Features at a glance</B> </FONT></EM><B><EM><FONT size=1>Imaging &amp; Messaging</FONT></EM></B></P>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>3.2 Mega pixel with Auto Focus Camera</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Xenon Flash</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>BestPic™</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Video and image stabilizer function</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>2.0” QVGA 262K TFT display</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Active lens cover</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Photo keys</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Cyber-shot™ user interface</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Memory for 100 pictures (at 3.2MP), 64 MB internal user memory</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Video recording/playback</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Adobe picture/video PC SW</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>16x Digital zoom</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Auto red eye reduction</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>DPOF &amp; PictBridge</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Time line view of pictures </FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Picture Blogging (powered by Blogger)</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>PictureDJ ™ and VideoDJ™</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Standard push e-mail (P-IMAP) support</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>VGA camera for Video Telephony (no VGA camera in K790)</FONT></EM></LI></UL>
<P><B><EM><FONT size=1>Entertainment</FONT></EM></B></P>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ support)</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Video Player</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Music DJ™</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>OMA DRM phase 1.x</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Streaming Audio/Video</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>3D games</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>A/B buttons for horizontal games support</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>RDS FM radio</FONT></EM></LI></UL>
<P><B><EM><FONT size=1>Connectivity</FONT></EM></B></P>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Bluetooth® 2.0</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>IrDA</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>HTML Full Browser with RSS readers</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>USB 2.0 Mass storage</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>External antenna connector</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) slot</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Flight mode</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Multitasking</FONT></EM></LI></UL>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>USB cable, stereo portable handsfree and PC software in the box</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Talk time up to 7 hours GSM/2.5 hours UMTS</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Standby time up to 350 hours</FONT></EM>
<LI><EM><FONT size=1>Size 106 x 47 x 18 (22) mm</FONT></EM>
<LI><FONT size=1><EM>Weight 115 grams</EM></FONT></LI></UL>
<P> <U>Read on about Sony Ericsson K800 och K790</U></P></SPAN>